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But, as has been true in many other cases, when they were at last married, the most ideal of situations was found to have been changed to the most practical. Instead of having shared their original duties, and as school-boys would say, going halves, they discovered that the cares of life had been doubled. This led to some distressing moments for both our friends; they understood suddenly that instead of dwelling in heaven they were still upon earth, and had make themselves slaves to new laws and limitations. Instead of being freer and happier than ever before, they had assumed new responsibilities; they had established a new household, and must fulfill in some way or another the obligations of it. They looked back with affection to their engagement; they had been longing to have other to themselves, apart from the world, but it seemed they never felt so keenly that they were still units in modern society.



1、【题目】汉译英:暮色中,河湾里落满云霞,与天际的颜色混合一起,分不清哪是流云哪是水湾。也就在这一幅绚烂的图画旁边,在河湾之畔,一群羊正在低头觅食。 它们几乎没有一个顾得上抬起头来, 看一眼这美丽的黄昏。也许它们要抓紧时间,在即将回家的最后一刻再次咀嚼。这是黄河滩上的一幕。牧羊人不见了,他不知在处歇息。只有这些美生灵自由自在地享受着这个黄昏。 这儿水草肥美,让它们长得肥滚滚的,像些胖娃娃。如果走近了,会发现它们那可爱的神情,洁白的牙齿,那丰富而单纯的表情。 如果稍稍长久一点端详这张张面庞,还会生出无限的怜悯。


Beside this picture with profusions of colors, a group of sheep are lowing their heads, eating by the river bank. Hardly none of them would spare some time to raise their eyes to have a glance at the beautiful dusk. They are, perhaps, taking use of every minute to enjoy their last chew before being driven home. This is a picture of the Yellow River bank, in which the shepherd disappears, and no one knows where he is resting himself. Only the sheep, however, as free creatures, are joyfully appreciating the dusk. The exuberant water plants have nutrited the sheep, making them grow as fat as balls. When approaching near, you would find their lily-white teeth and a variety of innocent facial impressions.



1、【题目】Bernard Bailyn has recentlyreinterpretedthe early historyof the United States by applyingnew socialresearchfindingson theexperiencesofEuropean migrants.Inhisreinterpretation,migrationbecomes the organizingprinciplefor rewritingthe historyofpreindustrial North America. His approach rests on four separate propositions.The firstof these asserts that residentsof early modern England moved regularlyabouttheir countryside; migrating to the New World was simply a natural spillover. Although atfirstthe colonies held littlepositiveattractionfor the English D they would rather havestayed home D by the eighteenth century people increasingly migrated to America becausethey regarded it as the land of opportunity. Secondly, Bailyn holds that, contrary to thenotion that used to flourish in America history textbooks, there was never a typical NewWorld community.For example, the economic and demographiccharacterof early New Englandtowns varied considerably.Bailyn's third proposition suggest two general patterns prevailing among the manythousands of migrants:one group came as indenturedservants,another came to acquire land.Surprisingly,Bailyn suggests that those who recruitedindentured servants were the drivingforces of transatlanticmigration.These colonialentrepreneurshelped determine the socialcharacterof people who came to preindustrialNorth America.At first,thousands ofunskilled laborers were recruited; by the 1730's, however, American employers demandedskilled artisans.Finally, Bailyn argues that the colonies were a half-civilized hinterland of theEuropean culture system. He is undoubtedly correct to insist that the colonies were partof an Anglo-American empire. But to divide the empire into English core and colonialperiphery, as Bailyn does, devalues the achievements of colonial culture. It is true, asBailyn claims, that high culture in the colonies never matched that in England. But whatof seventeenth-century New England, where the settlers created effective laws, built adistinguished university, and published books Bailyn might respond that New England wasexceptional. However, the ideas and institutions developed by New England Puritans hadpowerful effects on North American culture.Although Bailyn goes on to apply his approach to some thousands of indenturedservantswho migrated just prior to the revolution, he fails to link their experience with thepolitical development of the United States. Evidence presented in his work suggests howwe might make such a connection. These indentured servants were treated as slaves for theperiod during which they had sold their time to American employers. It is not surprisingthat as soon as they served their time they passed up good wages in the cities and headedwest to ensure theirpersonal independence by acquiringland. Thus, it is in the west thata peculiarly American political culture began, among colonists who were suspicious ofauthority and intensely anti-aristocratic.

1.Which of the followingstatements about migrants to colonialNorth America is supportedby information in the text

[A] A larger percentage of migrants to colonial North America came as indenturedservants than as free agents interested in acquiring land.

[B] Migrants who came to the colonies as indentured servants were more successful atmaking a livelihood than were farmers and artisans.

[C] Migrants to colonialNorth America were more successfulat acquiringtheir own landduring the eighteenth century than during the seventeenth century.

[D] By the 1730's,migrants already skilled in a trade were in more demand by Americanemployers than were unskilled laborers.

2.The author of the text states that Bailyn failed to

[A] Give sufficient emphasis to the cultural and political interdependence of thecolonies and England.

[B] Describe carefully how migrants of different ethnic backgrounds preserved theirculture in the United States.

[C] Take advantage of social research on the experiences of colonists who migrated tocolonial North America specifically to acquire land.

[D] Relate the experience of the migrants to the politicalvalues that eventuallyshapedthe character of the United States.

3.Which of the following best summarizes the author's evaluation of Bailyn's fourthproposition

[A] It is totally implausible.

[B] It is partially acceptable.

[C] It is highly admirable.

[D] It is controversial though persuasive.

4.According to the text,Bailyn and the author agree on which of the followingstatementsabout the culture of colonial New England

[A] High culture in New England never equaled the high culture of England.

[B] The culturalachievements of colonialNew England have generallybeen unrecognizedby historians.

[C] The colonistsimitatedthe high cultureof England , and did not develop a culturethat was uniquely their own.

[D] The southern colonies were greatly influenced by the high culture of New England.

5.The author of the text would be most likely to agree with which of the followingstatements about Bailyn's work

[A] Bailyn underestimates the effects of Puritan thought on North American culture.

[B] Bailyn overemphasizes the economic dependence of the colonies on Great Britain.

[C] Bailyn'sdescriptionof thecoloniesas part of an Anglo-American empireis misleading and incorrect.

[D] Bailyn failedto test his propositionson a specificgroup of migrants to colonialNorth America.


















Say No to Pirated Products

No one can have failed to notice the fact that piracyhas become a grave problem with which we are confronted. Taking a look around, we can find examples tool numerous to list. In many places we see people peddling pirated books or disks. There is hardly anyone who has not been asked the question: “Wanna a disk?”Actually, piracyhas become so widespread that it has severely affected people’s life and hindered the development of the nation’s economy and culture.

A number of factors could be responsible for this phenomenon, but the following are the most critical ones. First, pirated products are much cheaper than copyrighted ones, so they are very attractive to people, especially youngsters, who are not financially well-off. Secondly, with highly developed technology, it is not difficult to manufacture pirated products. An average person can produce thousands of copies of a film only if he has a computer and a recorder, which won’t cost him much. Last but not least, relevant laws are not in existence or in effect.

Piracy is bound to generate severe consequences if we keep turning a blind eye to it. First, intellectual property rightsare severely infringed upon and honest producers will lose the motivation to develop new products.As a result, the nation’s economy and culture will stay where they are and see no progress.Meanwhile, pirated products are often of low quality,thus damaging the interest of buyers, especially customers who wish to purchase copyrighted products.Finally, the destruction of pirated products means a grievous waste of the nation’s resources. It is really upsetting to see thousands of pirated books burnt or millions of pirated DVDs of films and music crushed.

In view of the seriousness of the problem,effective measures must be taken before things get worse.First, it isessential that pertinent laws and regulations be worked out and rigidly enforced to ban the manufacture and circulation of pirated products.Meanwhile, a deep-going, widespread and everlasting campaign should be launched to enhance people’s awareness of protecting intellectual property rights and saying no to pirated products.With proper laws and an alert public, it will be only a matter of time before piracybecomes a thing of the past. /With these measures taken, we have reasons to believe that the problem can be solved in the near future./Only with these measures taken can we expect a bright future.



1、【题目】California is a land of variety and contrast. Almost every type of physical land feature , sort of arctic ice fields and tropical jungles can be found within its borders. Sharply contrasting types of land often lie very close to one another. People living in Bakersfield , for instance,can visit the Pacific Ocean and the coastal plain , the fertile San Joaquin Valley , the arid Mojave Desert , and the high Sierra Nevada, all within a radius of about 100 miles. In other areas it is possible to go snow skiing in the morning and surfing in the evening of the same day , without having to travel long distance. Contrast abounds in California. The highest point in the United States (outside Alaska ) is in California , and so is the lowest point (including Alaska )。 Mount Whitney , 14,494 feet above sea level,is separated from Death Valley , 282 feet below sea level,by a distance of only 100 miles. The two areas have a difference in altitude of almost three miles. California has deep , clear mountain lakes like Lake Tahoe , the deepest in the country, but it also has shallow, salty desert lakes. It has Lake Tulainyo , 12,020 feet above sea level, and the lowest lake in the country , the Salton Sea, 236 feet below sea level. Some of its lakes , like Owens Lake in Death Valley , are not lakes at all: they are dried up lake beds. In addition to mountains ,lakes, valleys,deserts, and plateaus,California has its Pacific coastline, stretching longer than the coastlines of Oregon and Washington combined.

1. Which of the following is the lowest point in the United States?

A. Lake Tulainyo B. Mojave desert C. Death Valley D. The Salton Sea

2. Where is the highest point in the United States located ?

A. Lake Tahoe.

B. Sierra Nevada. C. Mount Whitney.

D. Alaska.

3. How far away is Death Valley from Mount Whitney?

A. About 3 miles.

D. 14,494 feet.

4. Which of the following is NOT mentioned in the passage as being within a radius ofabout 100 miles of Bakersfield ?

A. The Pacific Ocean.

B. San Joaquin Valley.

C. Mojave Desert.

D. Oregon andWashington.

5. Which statement best demonstrates that California is a land of variety and contrast ?

A. The highest lake in California is Lake Tulainyo.

B. It is possible to go surfing and snow skiing in some parts of California without having totravel long distance.

C. Sierra Nevada, San Joaquin Valley, Mojave Desert and the Pacific Ocean all lie withina radius of about 100 miles.

D. Owens Lake , in Death Valley , is not really a lake at all.









1、【题目】汉译英;但是正如其他许多已经发生过的事情一样,当他们最终结婚后, 发现最憧憬的生活变得再实际不过了。他们非但没有分担各自原先的责任--- 正如那些学生们所说 " 一半一半 " ,相反却发现生活的重担加倍了。 这使得我们那两个结婚的朋友时常觉得沮丧;他们突然发现自己并没有过着天堂般的生活而是仍实实在在地生活在地球上,而且成为了新规则和新约束的奴隶。生活并没有比以前更自由、更幸福,因为他们要去承担新的责任。 既然成立了一个新的家庭, 那就无论如何也要尽一点家庭的义务。 他们深情地回想起订婚的那段时光, 曾经如此地渴望拥有彼此而忘掉这个世界,然而现在最深切的感受却是自己仍是这个世界的一份子。


But, as has been true in many other cases, when they were at last married, the most ideal of situations was found to have been changed to the most practical. Instead of having shared their original duties, and as school-boys would say, going halves, they discovered that the cares of life had been doubled. This led to some distressing moments for both our friends; they understood suddenly that instead of dwelling in heaven they were still upon earth, and had make themselves slaves to new laws and limitations. Instead of being freer and happier than ever before, they had assumed new responsibilities; they had established a new household, and must fulfill in some way or another the obligations of it. They looked back with affection to their engagement; they had been longing to have other to themselves, apart from the world, but it seemed they never felt so keenly that they were still units in modern society.







Haste Makes Waste

A famous saying goes that “Haste makes waste”,which means thatone should do everything step by step. Even simple operations can easily be spoiled if we rush to complete them, neglecting important stages in the process. Instead, one should make full preparations before beginning any task. To be exact, this proverb is meant to teach us the importance of patience or carefulness. With such a desirable quality, we can overcome a series of difficulties and setbacks and finally find ourselves a way to greater success and happiness. On the contrary, we can only stay where we are and make no progress.

History abounds with examples to prove this proverb. In ancient China, a farmer pulled his young crops up to help them grow faster, only to find they all withered in the end.Another case in point is the so-called Great Leap Forward movement in China in 1950’s and 1960’s. At that time, the Chinese people were eager to develop their economy and catch up with such developed nations as the uS and the UK, so much so that they took some drastic measures, only to hinder the expansion of economy and lead to waste of resources.

Taking a look around, we may also find examples too many to enumerate.Here I can think of no better illustration of the proverb than the experience of my own. At the age of 11 or 12, I began to learn to ride. Eager to ride as well as others, I started by sitting on the saddle at the very beginning. Predictably, I often fell from over the bike. Lots of time had been wasted before I realized that I should do it step by step. I tried to slide by standing on one pedal. Then I began to ride the bike from under the cross bar. Finally, I succeeded.

The same is true with study or scientific research.Take English study for example. Without a good command of pronunciation, we can never hope to speak in an understandable way.Similarly, if we do not learn to spell properly and to acquire a basic grasp of grammar, we will never succeed in writing good compositions. )

In short,laying a solid foundation is essential if we want to make achievements in our studies or work, or indeed in any other aspect of our life. At every step, review what has been achieved and assess the problems ahead before moving to the next step.And remember Rome was not built in a day.








































The 76th Annual Academy Awards attracted the attention o{an unprecedented numSample 1

Heading For the Oscars

Although the grand ceremony of Oscar was over this year, the attention and discussion linger in the Chinese movie community and out. Some insiders hold that following global trends is the only way to develop China’s film industry. Others insist, however, that the Oscars are simply one the many awards that Americans like to crown themselves. Domestic films should maintain their distinct flavors. As a movie fan myself, I think we should strive for it to gain international recognition.

Firstly, the Oscars Award is an international recognition in terms of both artistic performance and box office revenue. With live broadcast in 50 languages, it plays a huge role in shaping the global film industry. It is no wonder that so many people around the world pay much attention to it. The reality is that Hollywood movies account for more than 90 percent of global market shares-this has inevitable worldwide impact. Obviously, the Oscars Award has become something that we can not afford to ignore it.

Moreover, we live in a global, multicultural world where different cultures interact. China’s movie industry needs to realize it and sharpen its competitive edge. If Chinese films are to make a global impact, then movie production, distribution and marketing organization need improving. Chinese films should adjust to satisfy the variety of social demands. The introduction of foreign successful formulas and technology is a must for Chinese film industry. It is parochial to think that China can only use its national characteristics to define domestic movies. Conservatism will hinder the progress of film industry. If China does not develop its film industry through embracing innovative multiculturalism, Chinese movies will have little opportunity to gain a share in the international market.

Last but not least, the Hollywood films also conform to specific cultural demands. Take this year’s Academy Awards as an example, nominated movies include both high-cost productions like The Lord of the Rings and subtle, more moderate budgeted projects like Lost in Translation, these films suggest that Hollywood movies maintain a basic balance in keeping the style of its own and absorbing diverse cultures. Hence, the Chinese filmmakers should spare no efforts to present original domestic films to foreign viewers. We will be left behind if we stick to the so-called orthodox. For instance, Couching Tiger Hidden Dragon was acted by Chinese actors and through cultural icons, but actually its style and structure of the movie all conform to a Hollywood formula. This partly explains why it appeals to a wider range of audiences from different cultural background.

In a word, the Oscars are very important to Chinese filmmakers. Nominations are a kind of approval by international peers of their achievements. As China’s market improves, its movie industry will get stronger and will eventually cash in on the Oscars.ber of Chinese thanks to complete live TV coverage. However, except for Couching Tiger Hidden Dragon, directed by Taiwanese filmmaker An Lee, no other Chinese film has even been nominated for an Oscar award. Should our domestic films aim at this Hollywood award or is it someone else's game? Write a composition of about 400 words to state your view.

In the first part of your essay you should state clearly your main argument, and in the second part you should support your argument with appropriate details. In the last part you should bring what you have written to a natural conclusion or make a summary.

You should supply an appropriate title for your essay.

Marks will be awarded for content, organization, grammar and appropriateness. Failure to follow the above instructions may result in a loss of marks.



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