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1. Maidens should (or must) be mild and meek, swift to hear and slow to speak.少女应温良谦恭,敏于听而慎于言。

2. Make all you can, save all you can, give all you can.尽力而为,尽力节约,尽力施舍。

3. Make haste slowly.从容赶急。

4. Make hay while the sun shines.趁热打铁。

5. Make the best of a bad business (or job or bargain).身处山穷水尽,力争柳暗花明。

6. Make the night night, and the day day, and you will have a pleasant time of it.白天当白天,夜晚当夜晚,生活过得好,愉快而多欢。

7. Make your enemy your friend.要化敌为友。

8. Make yourself necessary to someone.使你有益于人。

9. Man alone is born crying, lives complaining, and dies disappointed.只有人,生下时啼哭,活著时抱怨,去世时失望。

10. Man has not a greater enemy than himself.人之大敌,自己而已。

11. Man is a tool-using animal.人是用器之兽。

12. Man is mortal.人生谁无死。

13. Man is not the creature of circumstances; circumstances are the creature of man.并非时势造人,而是人造时势。

14. Man is the artificer of his own happiness.人之幸福,自己创造。

15. Man proposes, God disposes.谋事在天,成事在人。

16. Man will conquer nature.人定胜天。

17. Manners make the man.礼貌造就人。

18. Man's best plans often miscrarry.神机妙算,常常失算。

19. Man's best possession is a loving wife.男人最可贵的是有一个贤淑的妻子。

20. Many a fine dish has nothing on it.虚有其表。

21. Many a flower is born to blush unseen.有许多花儿生来就开著没有人欣赏。

22. Many a good cow hath a bad calf.虎父生犬子。

23. Many a good father hath but a bad son.好父亲偏生不肖子。

24. Many a little (or pickle) makes a mickle.积少成多。

25. Many a true word is spoken in jest.戏言寓真理。

26. Many ants kill the horse.蚁多可杀马。

27. Many dishes, many diseases.多吃多病。

28. Many drops makes a shower.积少成多。

29. Many great men have arisen from humble beginnings.有许多伟人出身卑微。

30. Many hands are better than one.众擎易举。

31. Many hands make a burden lighter.众擎易举。

32. Many hands make light (or quick) work.人多活儿轻。

33. Many have suffered for talking, none ever suffered for keeping silence.多言吃苦,缄默少祸。

34. Many heads are better than one.集思广益。

35. Many kiss the baby for the nurse's sake.醉翁之意不在酒。

36. Many men, many minds.人多意见多。

37. Many one says well that thinks ill.口蜜腹剑者不乏其人。

38. Many receive advice only the wise profit by it.聆忠言者众,智者独获益。

39. Many sands will sink a ship.积沙沈船。

40. Many straws may bind an elephant.草多可缚象。

41. Many wells, many buckets.井多吊桶也多。

42. Many words cut (or hurt) more than swords.恶语伤人胜刀见。

43. March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb.三月来如雄狮,去如绵羊。

44. Marriaage is the bloom or blight of all men's happiness.结婚是人生的幸福花朵开放的时候,也可能是凋谢的时候。

45. Marriage comes by destiny.姻缘命中定。

46. Marriage goes by contrasts.夫妻之间难免有差异。

47. Marriage is a lottery with more blanks than prizes.结婚如同摸彩票,空票多而中票少。

48. Marriage is a lottery.婚姻是一件难于预料的事。

49. Marriage makes or mars a man.婚姻能成全人也能损害人。

50. Marriage! Nothing else demands so much from a man!.结婚!没有什么比结婚对人要求更多的了。

51. Marry in haste, and repent at leisure.草率结婚后悔多。

52. Marry in lent, and you'll live to repent.借债结婚,后悔一生。

53. Marry your son when you will, your daughter when you .给儿子娶亲,想在什么时候皆可;把女儿嫁人要在有力量时才行。

54. Master should be soetimes blind and sometimes deaf.不痴不聋,不作阿家翁。

55. Measure another's corn by one's own bushel.以己度人。

56. Measure for measure.以牙还牙。

57. Measure is treasure.适度是宝。

58. Measure thrice before you cut once.三思而后行。

59. Medicines are not meant to live on.不能靠药物度日子。

60. Men are mortal.人生自古谁无死。

61. Men know where they were born, not where they shall die.人能知其生于何地,不能知其死于何方。

62. Men love to hear well of themselves.阿谀奉承话,人们皆爱听。

63. Men may meet but mountains never.人生何处不相逢。

64. Men of courage, men of sense, and menof letters are frequent: but a true gentleman is what one seldom seen.有勇气,有见识,有学问的人易遇,可是真正的君子难逢。

65. Men too seldom see their own faults.人们很少能看到自己的过错。

66. Men, at soome time, are masters of their fates.人有时是自己命运的主人。

67. Mere words will not fill a bushel.空言无补。

68. Merry is he that hath nought to lose.人无所失,不亦乐乎。

69. Merry meet, merry part.好聚好散。

70. Method will teach you to win time.方法可教会你赢得时间。

71. Mickle power makes many enemies.权高树敌多。

72. Might is (or makes or overcomes) right.强权就是公理。

73. Mills of God grind slowly but sure.天网恢恢,疏而不漏。

74. Miracels are to those who believe in them.妖由人兴。

75. Mischief has swift wings.飞来横祸。

76. Misers put their back and their belly into their pockets.爱财如命。

77. Misery acquaints men with strange bedfellows.落难时不择伙伴。

78. Misery loves company.同病相怜。

79. Misery makes strange bedfellows.患难时不择友。

80. Misfortune comes on wings and departs on foot.遭灾易,消灾难。

81. Misfortune is a good teacher.不幸是良师。

82. Misfortunes (or Hardships) never (or seldom) come alone (or singly).祸不单行。

83. Misfortunes come at night.灾祸常生于不测。

84. Misfortunes tell us what fortune is.经过灾难方知福。

85. Misfortunes test the sincerity of friends.患难见友情。

86. Misforunes come on horseback and go away on foot.遭灾易,消灾难。

87. Mock not a cobbler for his black thumbs.不要嘲笑皮匠的黑拇指。

88. Moderation in all things is the best of rules.中庸之道是最好的准则。

89. Modesty is not only and ornament, but also a guard to virtue.谦逊不仅可增添光彩也可以维护美德。

90. Modesty is the ornament of woman.端庄可为妇女增添光彩。

91. Money answers all things.金钱是万能的。

92. Money begets (or breeds or gets) money.钱产生钱。

93. Money borrowed is soon sorrowed.债台高筑,愁上心头。

94. Money burns a hole in his pocket.钱到袋里留不住。

95. Money calls, but does not stay: It is round and rolls sway.金钱会上门,不会留下来,因为是圆的,所以会滚开。

96. Money can buy the devil himself.有钱能使鬼推磨。

97. Money can move even the gods.有钱能使鬼推磨。

98. Money doesn't grow on trees.钱不是从天上掉下来的。

99. Money has no smell.金钱无所谓香臭。

100. Money is a bottomless sea, in which honour, conscience, and truth may be drowned.金钱是无底的海洋,荣誉、良心和真理都可以淹没在其中。

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